SFU Courses

During Summer 2011, Linda will be teaching 2 courses at SFU:

CMNS 362

CMNS 362 further develops student’s understanding of research methods for communication professionals and scholars. This course gives you the framework and tools to observe social communication, and ask important questions that can generate evidence-based answers and insight into the what, why, who, when and so what of that phenomenon. The assignments will provide students with opportunities to design, implement and practice communication research.

CMNS 453

This course explores the design and use of social media for communication in the Knowledge Age. We will examine the application of social media such as forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other user-generated content sites to online collaboration and knowledge building. Whereas much social media is being used for individual broadcasting or social marketing, the key question in this course is: Do or can social media facilitate collaborative learning and knowledge building in business, education, community and social communication applications? And if so, HOW? Which technologies? What designs? And especially how should discourse be moderated or curated to achieve these goals?