Assignment 1: Design, Implement and Assess SURVEY MONKEY

Practicum in Online Survey/Questionnaire Design & Implementation

Assignment 1 is a hands-on introduction to and practicum in online questionnaire/survey development and analysis.

Students will design and implement an online questionnaire of 10 questions to be sent to 30 respondents that you have selected based on anticipated response rate of at least 66% (20 responses). A printed version of the online questionnaire and analysis of the data collected will be submitted for grading.

Assignment 1 is an opportunity to practice real-world questionnaire and survey implementation. The hope is that this assignment can generate data of use to the major research project, but it recognized that this assignment may lead to recognition of limitations or faults in the RQs or population identified. The primary expectation is that students have an opportunity to experience online questionnaires design, implementation and analysis, and that this learning will inform further research activity.

Students may select any topic relating to the study of social media and/or new communication technology and society, as long as there is an accessible participant population available to answer students’ research questions. After week 5, changes in topic will not be permitted. Because students will be spending all term with a topic, they are urged to choose a topic that they find engaging and compelling. Students will have to arrange to meet with participants outside of class time to carry out the methods, if f2f collection of data is employed.

SurveyMonkey is an online survey tool that provides tutorials, templates, tools to mail out the survey and analysis of the results.  Limited use by students is free (limit of 10 questions per survey).