Assignment 2: Design a Research Matrix/Map

Assignment 2 is the development of a research Matrix for your proposed case study, with the following:

a)    Title Page: Research Title, List of Participants and email address for each

b)    Research Focus: Statement of the Research Topic (max. ½ page)

c)    Research Question(s): What are the keyRQs? (max ½ page)

d)    Fill in the Matrix Chart provided for this assignment (see Below)

e)    List a summary of related work (APA bibliography) (min. of 10 key references, with annotations).

In Tutorial, each newly formed research group must consider and refine their research design according to the following criterion:

  • Is your Question Researchable?
  • Is there a research literature that supports your topic/RQ?Is your Research Focus and RQ based on a review of the literature? If so, pls. present a preliminary bibliography (APA Style) listing KEY SOURCES RELEVANT to your research topic;
  • What are the major data sources for your field research, and have you identified and designed instruments to collect that data. Who are your populations and how will you find appropriate respondents?


  • What primary data are required? Are these available? To you? In your time frame? In your budget?
  • Do you have the necessary skills? Budget? Time? To successfully conduct the proposed field research?
  • Which data collection tools and instruments are JUSTIFIED as most viable to access the BEST DATA, given issues of DOABILITY (time, level of skill, cost, access, etc.)

PRACTICALITY: Which data sources will you seek? What sources of data are available? Which are essential?
RESEARCH ETHICS: How will you address research ethics? What will you provide to potential informants?  How will you protect anonymity?  Why should informants participate? Have you developed tools and procedures to explain the Ethics of your research to participants and seek their consent?

Develop and fill in the Research Design template below. Assignment 2 requires key RQ and identifies likely data sources necessary to answer the RQ and the most valid, reliable, viable, practical and ethical  methods to collect the necessary data.

MATRIX Linking Research Questions, Methods, Practicalities and Ethics

Research Question

Data Source and Methods



Ethical Issues






































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