Assignment 4: Final Report

Final Paper

Students will work in their research groups to write up the findings of the studies in a final paper.  Papers are expected to be fully academic, relying on careful notes, citations and bibliography, and to have a clear argument, providing evidence to support it, and conclusions. Conclusions should clearly state the limitations of the research and recommendations for further study. You should rely on course readings (minimum of three) as well as external sources (minimum of three) to craft and support your argument(s).

The paper should include (not necessarily in this order):

  • an introduction and background that contains enough of a literature review to provide a context for posing your research question. Situate yourself in the research by explaining the reasons for your interest in the topic (it is important to be authentic; if you are only embarking on the research because of the course, you are free to say so);
  • a statement outlining the theoretical framework and methods you have selected, along with a brief description; indicate the characteristics of your research that are congruent with your theoretical framework and methodological approach;
  • a clear statement of overall research objectives and the sub-question chosen for the final paper;
  • a description of the participant population selected to answer your research question and the particular parts of the study that you draw upon for your final paper;
  • the presentation of your main argument(s) by drawing on your data and conclusions from the fieldwork you have done and making connections to findings from the literature; you might focus on specific sub-questions of your original research questions or new questions that have arisen during the research; or you might choose to reflect on a specific aspect of the use of the research methods and reflect upon your experiences, each drawing back on material that you have collected for the research; you might also include proposals for further research;
  • a reference list of the articles, chapters and books mentioned in your literature review for the final paper;
  • Appendices with a list of research instruments (interview questions, questionnaires) and all of the data generated for this project (original copies of all responses).

Length: about 5000 words or 15 double spaced pages (excluding reference list, title page, etc.)

Hand-in your paper to the CONTINUING EDUCATION OFFICE, HC, 2nd floor, for the Prof. HarasimSubmit one copy of your paper.

Figure 5: Research Process and Sections of Final Paper



Below are three selected background materials (and their urls) to assist as you advance toward producing the Final Research Report for CMNS362.

Document 1 provides the format for the Research Paper;

Notes: in Document 1, substitute the term “research” for the term “experimental” in the paper.  Moreover, pls.ignore references to ‘hypotheses’ as qualitative research does not employ a ‘hypothesis”.  Otherwise Document 1 provides a relevant and valuable framework for writing your RESEARCH REPORT.

Documents 2 and 3 provide additional information and refinements.