A.  USE EXCEL TO ANALYZE DATA, even descriptive quantitative data (numbers) to illuminate research results.




1.EXCEL will be the primary tool for analysis of your field research project. You can create bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs among other presentations of the numerical data that you have generated from your interviews, surveys, or transcript analyses. EXCEL is an excellent tool to present and represent your data to help you to identify trends, patterns, distributions, and general overviews that are directly related to your Research FOCUS and Questions.



4.Touchgraph- uses advanced techniques to create an appealing visualization of which friends are friends with each other. TouchGraph identifies the different clusters that friends belong to and ranks friends based on who is a connector between clusters.

Ranking friends based on “betweenness centrality” is surprisingly accurate in revealing who your best friends are. This is because the connectors between groups are often the people from different circles that you’ve invited to parties and introduced to each other. As a side effect, this also gives a high rank to people who are inadvertently a member of multiple communities, like someone who went to both high school and college with you. However overall the rank tends to be a good estimate of who your closest friends are, even if they are not very active Facebook users.  Try it on Facebook.

5.Exalead- F.unded in 2000 by search engine pioneers, Exalead is a global software provider in the enterprise and Web search markets. Exalead’s worldwide client base includes leading companies such as PSA Peugeot Citroën, ViaMichelin, GEFCO, American Greetings and Sanofi Aventis R&D, and more than 100 million unique users a month use Exalead’s technology for search.

Today, Exalead is reshaping the digital content landscape with a platform that uses advanced semantic technologies to bring structure, meaning and accessibility to previously unused or under-utilized data in the disparate, heterogeneous enterprise information cloud. The system collects data from virtually any source, in any format, and transforms it into structured, pervasive, contextualized building blocks of business information that can be directly searched and queried, or used as the foundation for a new breed of lean, innovative information access applications.

This revolutionary technology and others make Exalead one of the most important companies to watch in the fields of digital content search, discovery, management, security, and storage.

6.Hakia: Semantic Search Technology

7.Blinkx: World’s largest video search engine. Search over 35 million hours of video from sites like Google Video, YouTube, MySpace

8.WOLFRAM ALPHA: Wolfram Alpha (styled Wolfram|Alpha) is an answer engine developed by Wolfram Research. It is an online service that answers factual queries directly. Wolfram|Alpha—Get answers. Access expert knowledge. Wherever you are. Whenever you need it.  Find out how much vitamin C is in a bowl of ice cream.

9.Internet Archive